Inspired and thankful

What is a good yoga lesson? To some, it is a good workout or physical challenge. To others, a good stretch or rest for the mind. Whichever the case may be, a good lesson is often seamless. It flows through the pranayamas, warm-ups, asanas to the peak pose (optional) without your realization. A good teacher guides you from asanas to asanas, section to section, breath to breath with smooth and continuous instructions. Alignment variations and physical adjustments are inserted in between with little disruptions.

I have always thought that being an experienced student would equate to being a good instructor. Of cos, I have done it hundreds of time, I can just draw from memory and repeat the instructions if i wanted to! I have severely underestimated the work put into each lesson plan.

When writing our own lesson plans, my classmates and I churned out scripts. Yes, scripts of instructions! Detailing breath intake, alignment, and adjustment ques, muscle benefits, much like a screenplay complete with “exit stage left or stage right”. The plan must also be balanced in terms of working the muscles equally and also within the required duration. Then, you have to memorize the script and deliver that in a class of live students, whilst demonstrating the asanas to the best of your abilities. I have not gone into mirror movements yet!

Now I am thankful. Thankful for all the teachers that piqued my interest in yoga with their amazing lesson plans. Thankful for the effort and time that you have devoted to the plans, and in turn your students. I hope my lesson plans will do the same too.