Inspire With Every Practice – Embrace the unknown

Time flies, the next thing we know its already close to the end of 3rd week of teachers’ training. As I sat down on my bed to reflect on my yoga journey that leads me to reach this milestone of my life, flashes of memories and experiences from countless practice overwhelms me. Its beautiful isn’t it? How a simple intention from the start could manifest itself and evolve to something bigger.

The yoga I remember back then in 2014 was super challenging and made me sweat profusely even in an air-conditioned meeting room as I lay down on the mat panting. My manager in a company I worked for was a yoga teacher and he would occasionally empty out the meeting out just to conduct yoga. That was the first experience I had on yoga and I remember telling myself that someday I’ll continue to explore more.

Like many others, procrastination and a million factors soon fell into my life and took my attention away. Until 2018 when life fell apart but at the same time, also fell into places for me. I was asked to join a friend for a Hatha class. I remember the experience I had in 2014 as I nervously walked into the studio. A call came right after I enter, “Hey sorry something urgent came up and I can’t join you”.

That made me more nervous as I walked into the class with only ladies. I shut my mind off and completed the practice which left me so exhausted with arms and legs trembling. From that day onwards, I slowly learned to proceed with this path alone without the presence of friends or external motivation.

As months went by, two days of yoga a week became three, and three became four. I pushed aside other things I had such as gym sessions and climbing for yoga. The result from the practices left me changed as a person both physically and mentally, Its journey like no others, it becomes a part of your life and guides the way you live.

Teaching was never in my intention or idea in my journey of practicing yoga. Learning from the struggles I encountered in my journey lead me to share my experiences to others to improvise their practices and techniques. A teacher whom I practice with often came to me one day and told me to take up the YTT to bring my journey to the next level. That made me think about it but I felt I wasn’t ready back then.

Almost a year passed from that day, I finally took up the YTT with a prepared mind, and here I am today going through this intensive and knowledge overloading course with yogis from all walks of life. It’s a unique and beautiful journey when you stop for a moment and think of all the ups and downs you’ve experienced, and the changes it brings from your original intention.

So, don’t be afraid of the unknown or changes, embrace it, and evolve from it. Most importantly, never forget the experiences it has given.