Inspiration and trust?

A year ago, my family and myself settled in Singapore. And this is where I really got into yoga. A few weeks ago, I went back to my home country, Switzerland, for a long summer break. I was thrilled to continue my practice over there and thought practicing elsewhere with other instructors and other fellow-practitioners would be an enriching experience. I was glad to find a nice studio offering non-hot and hot yoga classes (that I am very keen on) with classes in English (to recognise the postures names!). On the pure technical point of view, I ended up absolutely disappointed.  However, the experience was indeed very fruitful!. Three days ago, I started the Tirisula TT200. I do not know yet what kind of yoga teacher I will be but thanks to that Swiss experience, I have a few ideas about the kind of yoga teacher I do NOT want to be… That’s a good start.
What was missing over there? Above all, INSPIRATION and TRUST. As the purpose is not here to go into much detail, I will just mention a few key-points.
Out of the 3 teachers I met there, one only asked me about my yoga experience (since when, where, what kind…). Only the same one asked all attendees whether we had any specific physical issue to deal with. Some yogis might not need such attention. But I personally believe it is about a teacher CARING for his students.
Only the same one teacher took time to calm the pace in the studio, sit down quietly, lower his voice and suggest us to think about what our INTENTIONS were for the practice we were about to start. This, to me, is about guiding the yogis to find inspiration and I believe that being inspired is one of the keys to emptying our mind of its heavy load of thoughts and concerns. This allows us to keep our mind-attention focused on our practice.
I realize how much further in yoga practice my Singaporean teachers go. I not only admire and respect them due to their technical mastering but they also arise my TRUST and their classes INSPIRE me. If only I could get to do the same with my future students…
Laurence CF – TT200 – sept-oct 2013

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