Injury in Yoga practice.

Most of the muscles and joints of the body have movement in yoga practice, and it should be said that the risk of injury is quite large. Whether it’s stretching the muscles, twisting the spine, and opening the joints, it’s possible to hurt yourself. But I want to say, the basic method of yoga is very scientific, good teacher will tell you, the flexibility is base on the power of your body, otherwise it is very easy to get hurt.

Yoga is a slow, gradual, controlled, and open body with breath . It’s a simple to say, and if you truly understand the spirit, your practice should be pretty safe. For example, few teachers say that when you stretch or open a certain area, you should tighten the muscle and then do the action. For example, both the front and back bent should be tightened tailbone, stretching the spine and opening the shoulders. This way your upper body is just like a piece of board that bends or bends as a whole. Likewise, the muscles of the thighs should be tightened in order to open the hips and make some movements in the legs. If your muscles are flabby, when you do the movement, your bones move the muscles in motion, and the muscle movements can easily go beyond the limit and get hurt. And if you tighten the muscles, then the entire body as a whole, this time,  you do have control breath deeply and slowly to do postures,  the range of muscle movement will reach at the limit, your whole body cannot move, you know this is your limit.

The true spirit of yoga is listening to your body. A good teacher should focus on the right practice, not how much a student can do. Depending on the level of students in the classroom, she/he should provide you with different kinds of action options. I’ll try harder than I’ve done, but be wary of your body’s response. A good teacher will remind you not to compare yourself to others, and do what you do at your own pace and ability. You shouldn’t even compare yourself to yourself. Setting goals says how much time I’m going to achieve, and that’s the easiest thing to do.

FRT(200hr TTC May 2017)

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