How do you injure yourself in Yoga?

After 10+ years of martial arts training, I started feeling a force inside me pulling me back from vigorous training. I thought I was getting lazy, but with maturity and improved self-awareness, I realized it was my body trying to save itself.
In past decade, I have been visiting physical therapist twice a week regularly, for treating injury or pain in my shoulders, my knees, my back, my neck, my ankles, my elbows, my wrists..
Every sports has risk of body injury, but marital arts took the injury to another level: all movements and techniques are designed to HURT people. So you trying to hurt your partner/opponent any moment you are doing martial arts, and yourself getting beaten up at the very moment.
My body is all I have in the world, I am the only one protect it and take care of it. The very moment I realized it, I left martial arts.
I turned to yoga, to reset my mind as well as my body, to learn how to take care of them, and heal them.
So when I hear “Yoga can cause injury”, I couldn’t digest it.
How do you hurt your neck, where no one is choking you?
How do you hurt your shoulder, where no one is trying to pull it to a nasty reverse angle and break it?
How do you hurt your knee where no one is kick you down to the floor?
So, people injury themselves.
Some people rushes into asanas, without proper warm up.
Some people rushes for result, the exhibition of certain asanas, while their strength and flexibility are not enough.
And, some people loves pain. they push themselves beyond pain. some believes “no pain no gain”, some simply enjoy the hidden unexplainable pleasure comes with pain.
My body is my temple. I will learn it, be aware of it, heal it and strengthen it, through my journey of Yoga.
That’s my SADHANA.

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