Inherited tapas in our life

As today during the class we talked about the Nyama – our relationship with internal stimulus, my mind reflected especially upon the Tapas part. It’s quite amazing to see how our religions, Christian, Muslim Hindu, Budhist, Evangelists, Taoism etc all have mirrored different ways of purifying your body & mind through different ways, which are quite similar. 

From fasting (which is common in almost all religions), discipline of praying/worshiping at same hours, refrains from certain food or meats to all kind of regulations, all spiritual tools seem to talk the same language. At base I am Christian, and I believe in divinity so I used to practice the required rituals of my religion not because they made sense but they somehow right. Surprisingly, the more I study Yoga sutras the more I understand religion and their essence. Actually, the practices are well translated greatly for the normal people who will not surrender their entire life to a celibate spiritual life for attaining enlightenment. They gave rules and good practices for the grounded world people for showing attaining some of the spiritual life’s fruits. 

However, understanding the base of religions and the red thread, helps me filter the truth (which can be found curiously in most of the general ideas of the religions and yoga sutras) and the manipulative rules inserted according to the interests and cultural particularities of those times). 

The more I read about sutras, the more the ruling of this world makes more sense…



200hr YTC September 2017

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