To improve is to overcome

I quit my job just before joining this 200hr YTT Course, I was one of the last in the enrolment. YTT has been on my mind for the past few months. I told myself I want to teach yoga but had no idea what the teacher training course be like. After knowing that we have to teach during the course, my “stage fright” fear kicked in. I know I have to face it, I know I have to practice my sequence, I know I have to project my voice and be firm.
Being the soft-spoken and introverted person I am, I tend to appear shy and timid at times. During my first teaching assessment, Master Paalu told me, that I’m a “good-natured person, must let it shine.” I am “quiet but not weak.” This is a constant reminder to self. Bringing to mind Swadhyaya, which is self remembrance, self-study, self understanding. It is fine to make mistakes but don’t repeat it.
I am glad that we have all passed our teaching assessments, definitely there are room for improvements – lots of it, especially for me. The real test is after graduation, when we go out to teach in the real world and facing all sorts of people.
How many a times, we are so used to comfort, that we do not try new things, explore new boundaries. Perhaps the more we try, the boundaries narrows, and soon there will be no boundaries, ideally. To improve is to overcome. The problem will always be there, it is how you react to it.
To overcome is to live in the present, to reset daily and try again the day after, let go of what has happened for the day, be it good or bad, happy or sad.
Denise Leong
200hr YTT Weekday
(March 2015)

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