Impressive muscles

In teacher training class, we learnt about the different bodily parts and functions such as skeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous systems, and so forth.
What really amazes me the most is the learning of the muscular system. All the movements that the body is capable of are enabled by the different muscles. These tissues work individually or in groups to help us move and perform our daily functions. They work in such efficiency and sync that we do not even realize or notice this beautiful occurrence.
The knowing and understand of the different individual muscle is not a breeze. In fact, it is tougher then climbing a mountain. The biological names makes no sense, there is no chance of inference or usage of logical thinking to provide a short cut in learning about the function and action of each particular muscle. To learn about them is all pure hard work, hours of looking at the same thing and trying to make sense out of it.
However, learning about the different muscles provides a deeper understand and clearer view of what body movement comprises of, during strength building, body isolation even identifying pain and preventing injuries.
Due to our daily activities and postural habits, each different muscle’s strength and engagement is different, hence resulting in the ability and disability in the performance of certain asanas in yoga. Outside of yoga, in daily activities, why people experience knee pain, back pain. It can be simply caused by the tightness of a certain muscle group, hence pulling on the tendons, resulting in slight misalignment of the bones, causing abrasion between two bones during movements.
It may not even be due to injury by accident. Injury can happen even due to lack of stretching or wrong muscle engagement. Hence to protect the body and strengthen, we need to understand muscles and how they work, in order for us to work effectively with them for our own benefit.
Having said all these, it is just barely the surface of the amazing muscular system. It open my eyes and mind to a whole new range of knowledge.
Priscilla Loo

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