The importance of breathing in yoga

In the yoga class, one of my significant experience is about breathing. We usually don’t pay attention to our own breathing, so our breathing is usually very shallow. In yoga, we learn that life is all about breathing and that it is particularly important. While learning yoga, we are thought to pay attention to our breathing, to experience our breathing, and thus tap the potential of our own ability. Every time I go to the yoga class, I focus on taking deep breaths. I hope I can work hard to deepen my breathing.

Some people say: “life is movement, life can not be separated from breathing.” I want to slowly deepen my breathing, let yourself be more relaxed, release the pressure and stress, you can also allow your mind to be clearer. I want to take deep breaths so that I can improve my temper, at least when I am very angry, I can the tale deep breaths, and be more calm.
Yoga breathing methods emphasise the use of conscious breathing, to expel the body of exhaustion, and to eliminate tension and fatigue. So, every time we do yoga, before or after an action, the teacher will ask us to take a deep breath twice. And in the process of doing the action, you must maintain a smooth breathing pattern. Yoga breathing is divided into abdominal breathing, chest breathing and thoracic full breathing. The purpose of yoga breathing is to, through a variety of different breathing methods, effectively utilise the internal organs, stimulate the physiological glands, activate the context of your potential strength, better clean up the body, so that the body is able to channel enough healthy nutrients. Yoga action and breathing rhythm is naturally combined in order to improve lung ventilation and that lung capacity increases. Do more deep breathing, naturally learn to relax. In yoga, one of the most important things is to breathe, and if there is no synchronisation of breathing, yoga exercises become meaningless.
The teacher said that every night with abdominal breathing, the sleep effect is really good, so I began to practice in accordance with this advice. The result is that I not only learned how to do abdominal breathing, I also have an enjoyable sleep all the way until dawn.

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