What if?

There are a lot of quotes about the mind « Quiet the mind and the soul will speak » « The mind is a beautiful servant, but a dangerous master », « If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place ». Some you get, some are too far away.

Our minds are like a battlefield, it is a place that can be powered by self-doubt, jealousy, prejudice, guilt, worry, regret, shame, disappointment, comparisons, anger.

And some days are a lot easier than others, where these feelings are just overwhelming, and we cannot see the blue sky anymore. This may involve taking actions that will alter these feelings and trying to find comfort in various form such as food, sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, etc. but the problems with this, is the eternal battle within ourselves.

When I first started meditation, I was surprised by the fact that it is not about trying to control the mind by not thinking about an overwhelming feeling, but on the contrary, observing the thoughts. Like Master Paalu said, we should become the observant witness of our thoughts.

Why did we learn that we have to control our feelings and ignore them ? Why did we become obsessed with the past and the future ? Why can’t we just enjoy being there ? Since I started meditation I realized something that happens a lot, for example being with friends at a dinner and thinking of what I had to do the next day, or what I did not do, or what I wasn’t able to do…and I realized it happens to me a lot in situations where I should actually enjoy and be present because these are the most precious moments in life.

What if meditation could really help to replace these battles by a clearer mind? What if the simple act of taking a couple of minutes everyday for ourselves could reduce stress, clear a toxic mind and just be present?

Again, practice makes the master… Maybe a little bit everyday could finally gets us to this very complicated question that always comes back in yoga : What does it mean to be true to oneself ?


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