I like yoga

I like the physical part of yoga. I miss the first 4 weeks of intense physical yoga. I felt challenged and proud of myself to survive through the journey. I learnt (and still learning) a lot in terms of knowledge and physical strength.

Warning: Yoga can make you perspire and tired. My two guinea pigs for my lesson thought it was simple until the third round of sun salutation. BUT I enjoyed it. I may not be a strong student at class but pushing my own limits makes me feel good.

There is no other challenger in your life except you yourself

Knowing my arms are weak, I practised push ups and worked on my core muscles. I can do 1 good chaturanga now. One baby step at a time.

I also like the  philosophical part of yoga. It is a journey of self discovery. Questions we ask ourselves – what exactly do I want? who am I? How do I define myself?

I am glad that the teacher gives us the freedom to choose what we believe in. The way the classes were conducted, I like.