I Had A Great Time!

Before I attended the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course from Tirisula Yoga, my auntie Kim often told me about her Master Paalu and Master Satya and about her course. She said the course was great than ever and so different, and Masters were also different and so excellent. She suggested me to register the course. I thought…hmmm…should I join it or not, I both wanted to join because I loved yoga and wanted to learn more about it, about the further knowledges of yoga that I never had a chance to learn inVietnamand didn’t want to join because I didn’t have much money. But, I finally decided to register the course, I told myself again and again that I had to join it, cannot wait anymore.

In the first week, I believed that I was in the army. There were so many jumps using arms and hands all the time. My arms were shaking, my whole body got pain, especially my neck. It’s really hard for me to turn my head on the right and left.

Everything was better in the second and third week, I felt I was getting stronger. I had a great time with my Master Paalu and Satya and my classmates when we all had lunch together and talked together everyday like a warmy family. I really miss them all and never forget that moment.

Thanks to Master Paalu and Satya I studied a lot of things. From the bottom of my heart, I wish them all the best.

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