My humbling yoga journey

My first encounter with yoga was 11 years ago. I was immediately drawn to the dynamic movements, so graceful yet powerful. I always thought of yoga as my invisible best friend. She has always been there for me in the past decade, from my engagement to the wedding, from being an investment banker to a museum docent. She has been there for me through all three of my pregnancies and childbirth plus five international moves.


I had many breaks ranging from a few months to a year around each childbirth and relocation. Despite the inconsistency in my practise, yoga has been forgiving when I wish to pick up from where we left off. Usually I would attend yoga classes twice a week when timing allowed. I feel more positive, energetic and stronger. It is my favourite exercise for the mind and body and I wished for more and get better.


To help understand the why and how of yoga and to establish self-practise disciplines, I have decided to take part in the 200 hour teacher training course for six weeks. It has been challenging and I wished I had more time, more time to recover from the physical training that I painfully loved, more time to absorb the knowledge we learnt in class, more time to spend with the wonderful group of yogis. I guess my wish was granted as each single day is stretched into two, I go through yoga training all day and still have the pleasure of embracing my three young children at 3pm and start my day again. I panicked from time to time as I have been putting everything else on hold. Thanks to yoga I have built up immunity to household chaos and not get affected. After all the children happily coped with no house rules, bouncing around whilst Dad is away and Mum is emotionally unavailable.


I have truly enjoyed the training with the amazing group of our fellow trainees and the amazing group of trainers. I’m still unsure if I would become a formal yoga teacher, but I am certain I would happily share my passion for yoga with anyone who comes across my path. 


 Jo – Sep 2014/200hr weekday YTT

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