One little humble relfection

As my body moves through asanas, it usually takes me little effort to stay focused. My attention rarely gets diverted and even if it did, it naturally comes back to its focal point, my movement. I’ve no trouble stilling my mind when I’m moving. Occasionally I would start to plan my activities for the day as I get into the pose but somehow it would miraculously fade off unintentionally. I can stop being a planner for that hour or two. When I’m at shavasana, my hyperactive mind creeps in. Such as irony indeed! My physical body looks motionless but my mind is not fooled at all. Thoughts, ideas and plans wander around and dance in my little busy brain. How do I relax and disengage my mind voluntarily during shavasana? Is my mind controlling my body or body leading my mind? Perhaps they are inter-dependent and at times, one may even dominate the other. That’s my only clue. As my journey continues to a better place, I look forward to reach an equilibrium point between the two.

There are moments that make it so apparent to me that my yoga practice is more than a hobby. Yoga is such a substantial part of my life that even as I waltz through my packed and hectic weekly activities, I still find myself finding time to be on my yoga mat. Is yoga my top priority? Maybe not at this moment but my life would certainly be different without it.




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