The Human Anatomy

The human body is a wonderful and miraculous creation. One can never phantom how two individual cell can grow and become a full functioning entity after leaving the mother’s womb. With harmonious division of labour, no one system is more important than another.
What particularly interests me, is the usage of nutrition to aid the body to recover and grow in the most efficient way. Unfortunately, I didn’t choose biology in my high school year and the knowledge I know were mostly from internet and books I read. Half the time, I didn’t understand the terms and mechanics of the body. Even though I had the knowledge of food, I didn’t know how to apply this knowledge. It is similar to a non swimmer learning how to swim from a youtube video; I know when to breathe but don’t know how to get up for air. This course equips me with the technical knowledge, the muscles and movement but the beauty of yoga is not the ability to strengthen just the frame. Yoga, strengthens and heal the organs as well as altering our mental and emotional state by engaging our hormones and nervous system.
Aches, pain and failure of a particular region are different ways our body communicate to us, telling us to pay more attention to it. We use the knowledge we have to give it addition care. For example, a person who is suffering from constipation because he sits in the office without getting up for the entire day might want to do some twists to help with the digestive system.
Similar for nutrition, by reading the signs given by the body, we are able to tell if a person is lacking a certain nutrient or vitamin just by their behavior. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge to come up with a diet and exercise to balance and help those who wish to regain their healthy state.

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