How yoga relieved my knee injury

Don’t laugh, its true!

I have been having this painful knee for the past two years, wearing a protection whenever I was working out. I haven’t really been able to cure it because I really like high stamina sports… tennis, kickboxing, running, bootcamp… name it! I basically try a new sport every other month.

But what I discovered since the start of YTT200 – mostly because I exclusively practice yoga – my knee pain is GONE !

I think its due to several things

  • limiting the impacts – but hey, you still jump in your vinyasa, don’t you?
  • Better pranayamas – it helps the overall circulation in the body

I am now questioning if all these sports that I am so found of are doing more harm than good… I guess I will need to try after the YTT200 – if the pain is back, I will limit them