How Yoga impacts my life

Chasing numbers and meeting sales target has been quite hectic for me these 10 years. I started to consume caffeine at least twice a day in order to stimulate my mind and body to keep awake. To increase my appetite and relax, I always eat spicy, sour and generally strong-flavoured foods which is referred to as a Rajasic diet. After understanding more about the 3 Gunas and food, I have started to think twice when I am ordering food these days and I have also managed to cut down on my caffeine intake. I am definitely becoming more conscious about where the food on my plate comes from and how the food is being prepared. I also try to wake up earlier to prepare a simple breakfast for my family and myself.

To me, my passion for Yoga not only stems from being able to learn how to do all the beautiful poses, but also because I get to learn more about the Yoga Philosophy. I feel that it shapes me into a better version of myself as I am constantly reflecting, looking and analysing things from different perspectives. I have become more mindful and observant about the little things happening in my surroundings. Yoga philosophy is profound. I am curious to learn and dig out more. I can’t wait to share more with family, friends!