How yoga have impacted my life

The biggest change that I had noticed after starting a consistent yoga practice was the tremendous increase in my hamstring flexibility. Almost 10 years ago, I was a cheerleader who had difficulty touching my toes in a forward fold.

The biggest change that the people around me noticed, however, was the improvement in my patience. Friends from long ago would be surprised to know that I am now known as one of the most patient person in the office and friend group.

Yoga has also made me more observant to my inner self and my emotions and helped me mature emotionally. For example, in times of anger or distress, I now find myself first examining the experience and the emotions that arise. This gesture came naturally and reminds of how I tend to observe my breath and the sensations I feel when I am holding a difficult posture.

And instead of acting impulsively, this “check point” also gives me clarity on how I should respond.

I am thankful for have found yoga and for the effects it had to my life.