How Yoga has changed me

My very first encounter with yoga happened through social media when I saw my friends practising yoga. It was a little surprising for me to see how the younger generation began this trend of incorporating yoga into their lives because I had this pre-conceived idea that yoga is normally practised by the older generation. I did not think much of it and just carried on with my life as normal.

It wasn’t until my mother encouraged me to explore the benefits of yoga by attending a physical class that I started to get more in touch with yoga. When I first attended a class, I did not fall in love with yoga immediately and I did not realise that I attended an intermediate level class. I was perspiring as the session was really intense and all I reaped from that class was that yoga provided a good workout. Initially, that was the main reason why I continued to attend classes. Yoga meant nothing more than a physical workout to me.

However, after some time and experience with yoga, I started to see it more than just a physical workout. I realised how superficial my view of yoga was, but I was glad that I managed to look at the bigger picture. Yoga was becoming a part of my life and I started to see beyond the physical benefits of yoga. I noticed how I felt before and after every class and found that yoga helped me feel better mentally. I was more ready to start my day and I even began to practise more on my own. Yoga unintentionally helped me develop self-discipline and willpower as well and I started feeling more grateful to be able to get more in touch with myself through practising yoga.

I have practised yoga for about a year now and it was the curiosity I had about what yoga poses meant, how to get into such poses, why we practise them and how they help us that encouraged me to sign up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training course with Tirisula Yoga. I wanted to be able to know whether my alignment for various yoga poses are correct and learn how to safely practise yoga, before being able to teach others and practise with others. I cannot wait to see the changes yoga will keep bringing me and I am excited to keep practising yoga for the rest of my yoga journey!