How Yoga fits into my Lifestyle

I was never into yoga. Not for a long while. Then I found veganism, and going zerowaste, and it just seemed like the next natural step. Let me explain.

I turned to veganism because I love animals and the Earth. When I was 14, I got into vegetarianism when my sister uncovered the atrocities of the meat industry and influenced us siblings into the likes of going meat- free. Despite occasional slip ups (including a year long omnivorous break oops), I decided to turn vegan two years back as I was repeatedly being exposed to the horrifics of the meat industry and how it affects the environment as well. My state of mind had changed and I was looking to find peace in this largely messy world. These practises helped me gain wellness in my life.

As when I was turning vegan, I found the zerowaste movement as well, people passionate for the Earth and against the unsustainable ways we live our lives, seeking to be better humans and conscious consumers. Through the practises of reducing the wastage and consumption in my life, including the usage of disposables and plastic, I learnt to use mindfulness in everything I do, always thinking about how my actions impact and the consequences they have.

Now came yoga. After trying yoga in light of all these changes in my life, I realised that yoga was the key to tying everything together. The mindfulness and wellness aspects of of yoga helps me to become a better person and because of my newfound passions in life, made me truly appreciate the benefits of yoga. In fact, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Two close friends of mine have exactly the same interests as me in veganism, going zerowaste and yoga. Interestingly, we had found each of these components individually and at different stages of our lives. But we can all agree on how these three aspects allow us to be better people! So if you’re interested, you can try going vegan or zerowaste to complement your yogi lifestyle too!