How Yoga fits into my Lifestyle

Ask me 1.5 years ago and I would possibly never have thought that I would be doing Yoga.

Fast forward 1.5 years later, I am committed to a physical practice of 5 – 6 times a week and am currently enrolled into a 200-hour YTT course. In my previous post, I have shared the Why into my yoga journey. In this post, I would like to share about how Yoga fits into my lifestyle.

There are a few things that I spend most of my time on, which truly matters to me. Yoga, work, family / friends. My life as a whole works on a pretty dynamic pace, with deadlines, stresses and a particular routine, given that I hold a corporate office job. I enjoy it but I feel that I need some “grounding” or stability too, something that I can find meaning beyond short term goals or targets, something that I feel that I am personally working on for the longer term.

My almost daily morning yoga practice (almost daily because it is important to have 1 rest day as well) helps me develop discipline, which I have always believed in. Ashtanga is my primary practice, which I love its routine-like nature and the focus on working on each pose. In addition, I enjoy how this practice has allowed me to take my mind off its constant thinking mode – from tasks to to-do lists, it allows the mind to quieten down, which is a great complement to my hectic lifestyle.

There are however, still things that I want to work on – the physical practice should extend beyond the mat. Besides turning up (almost) every morning to practice, there are some things I hope to slowly integrate into my lifestyle to busk in the full benefits of Yoga, which I truly believe in – meditation and having a better diet.