How Yoga entered my life

Few years back, still living in Thailand, I was working as medical representative. A very high pressure job, always chasing higher targets and fulfilling customers’ needs in an always more competing environment. Despite being a very attractive job, it was getting me more and more stressed and overwhelmed..

One day, while driving my car, an advertisement about a new Yoga studio caught my attention, it was staring a very calm and healthy woman (yeah, I totally got caught by Marketing, I am ashamed!)

So, I made a call and booked a class. Did I have expectation? I don’t think so! I just wanted to experience Yoga.

My first yoga instructor was quite good, she introduced me to ujjayi breathing (which I think is very important), it was similar to vinyasa flow. I can still remember the feeling about this first yoga class until now, the feeling of living in the present, not looking back to the past or thinking about the future. A time you can connect to your mind and your body.

Sadly, because of the nature of my job which required me to travel most of the time I couldn’t practise yoga assiduously. Since my first experience has been very pleasant, I pushed myself to keep practising and learning more about the meaning of Yoga.

Later I became cabin crew, which consist to stand and serve passengers during long haul flights. Thanks to my previous experience and learning, Yoga helped me to relax my body, clear my mind and adjust my sleep.

Now a mother living in Singapore, I decided to take Yoga teacher training to deepen my knowledge of Yoga. I can tell by now, I learnt a lot, the impact of Yoga on the body and mind, how to use it to help my relative and finally but not least, to teach it to any person, like me few years back, who want to give it a try.