How Yoga Breathing helps to control Emotions and Thoughts

The way you see your world and who you are, is governed by your thoughts. In difficult times which affect many people financially and emotionally, it is hard to keep a positive outlook. The more you hold on to negativity, the more negativity will control you.
Yoga breathing has its calming effect on the emotions, reducing fear and anxiety in the nervous system. You will feel safer emotionally as well as more at ease and relaxed physically. The common remedy is to take a deep breath. For instant, when someone is feeling emotionally stress, he/she might be told to take a few deep breaths. Supplying the brain with sufficient oxygen is one greatest tool in stress management.
This can be as easy as mentally seeing yourself inhaling energy with every breath and imagining yourself letting go of negative thinking on the out-breath. If you accentuate the “out-breath”, you actually encourage mental rejuvenation.
There are different yoga breathing exercises that I was taught. The one that was often used during the whole yoga practice is Ujjayi Breath.. Ujjayi breathing helps in bringing calmness to the body and mind. As the focus is on the breathing during the practice, concentration also improves. This certainly helps me to eliminate negative thoughts while trying to carry out the asanas.