How we have changed

Everything changes…

This week, we had a discussion on how we have changed since we first ventured on this teacher’s Yoga training journey. As I listened to all my fellow Yoga students in the class explain how they have transformed through mind, body and spirit, I realised that we have all changed not only from learning about how we, ourselves make connections to yoga in ourselves but also through learning about the connections yoga has with others. How many times have you tried to get an idea across about a lesson you learned by telling a story using your personal experience with interactions of others you have come in contact with throughout your life? I am sure there were many times. We all learned from each other. I truly have enjoyed being with this group of ladies.  We have spiritually grown together.

I believe learning in a group is best while learning to become a teacher especially a yoga instructor because it helps us learn to listen to other’s wants, desires, and needs in their life. If we can understand what other students learning to be teachers hope to achieve in their Yoga journey, it would most likely align with what our students hope to get out of yoga as well then, we as teachers can further use the Yoga poses, theories, and certain meditations to influence that particular part of a person’s life and thus, become more of an effective teacher in helping students get what they desire out of yoga.