How To Use The Power of the Warrior Pose To Improve Your Golf!

                     The far reaching benefits of yoga have been shown to improve many aspects of people’s lives, and yoga can also be used to benefit your sports practise. Many sportsmen and women turn to yoga to improve their performance in a particular sport: the footballer Ryan Giggs famously practises yoga, as does tennis player Andy Murray.
I would like to discuss the benefits of the Virabhadrasana B pose to help improve one’s golf swing. The pose Virabhadrasana B, which is translated as Warrior 2, works several muscles in the body. It is however particularly good at strengthening the leg muscles and will also improve one’s balance.
To correctly hold the pose one should initially practise lunges. I suggest that you build up to five sets of ten lunges each, alternating legs, to help develop muscle strength and to thoroughly warm up the leg muscles.
By familiarising yourself with the correct lunging position and by warming up your leg muscles you will find it easier to hold Virabhadrasana B, or Warrior 2, correctly:
Start in a standing position with both feet together and your arms by your sides. Separate your legs to a distance between 4 and 5 feet and raise your arms in line with your shoulders. Keep your left foot pointing forwards and turn your right foot about 90. Try to line up your left heel in front with your right heel at the back – and to keep your balance!
Breathe in and as you exhale, bend your left knee so that you have a square 90 angle and your front leg resembles a lunging position. Try to keep your right foot firmly rooted to the floor as you slowly breathe in and out and try to hold the position for up to five deep breaths. As you hold your arms outstretched keep your fingers together with the palms facing the floor. Turn your head forwards to look along your left hand, letting your gaze follow your fingers, and feel your shoulder blades stretch apart.
As you hold the pose congratulate yourself – you are doing yoga! Feel the strength of a warrior as you hold the pose and use your breath to help your, keeping your tummy muscles pulled in and your shoulders down.
Once you have held the pose come back to the initial standing position with your legs together and your arms by your sides, and repeat the pose on the other side, with your right foot at the front.
The Virabhadrasana B pose is one example of how yoga can compliment other sports. By regularly practising the pose you should notice a positive improvement to your swing as your awareness of your body’s alignment and your muscle strength and flexibility will all begin to improve. Maybe you can bring some of the Warrior power onto the golf course with you for your next game!

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