How to not succumb to your Mind during YTT

It takes every ounce of your energy, consciousness and effort to steer your mind away from the toxic thoughts that can sprout ever so easily.

Having a sudden shoulder strain on the last of week 2, the confidence within myself plummeted once again. But every time I think about classmates’ or teachers’ assurance that I have improved within weeks, I picked myself up and tell myself that it is okay that I am not doing poses perfectly or even unable to do it at all. But at least I try to do it, focus and keep that intention in my mind instead of spending that time thinking about all the negative stuff. The asanas are there to instill discipline and focus, so I will work my mind into the postures during physical practice. I can always reflect and either maintain or do better after the class.

The energy that you bring into practice not only affects you, but your classmates too. I believe that by consciously putting other’s needs/emotions before yourself, you are able to see the bigger picture instead of focusing on your own toxic thoughts that are not beneficial.

Also, I enjoy every theory lesson because it helps me to understand things in a wider perspective, that the universe does not rotate based on my views and by narrowing my perspective, I am causing violence to myself, constantly filling it with negativity. Baby steps, but I am humbled every day by how much I can learn from Yoga. I am glad to have embarked and persevered on this voyage and funny, I don’t really want it to end now :’)