How Inversions Changed My Life

The first time I walked into an inversion class a couple of years ago, I was discouraged because I was the only one in class who could not hold up in a headstand, which was the most basic pose in the class. Even with the help of the wall, I was falling all over whereas everyone else was flipping so gracefully with ease. It was a big class and the teacher did not seem to be noticing me or giving me help, I was also the youngest in class! My ego was bruised; I never stepped into the inversion class again.
One year ago, I introduced my boyfriend to try a yoga class just for the heck of it; he was the kind of men who thought yoga was a woman’s domain. He enjoys being pushed to the limits and also loves a good challenge so what better than an inversion class? He was hooked, and surprisingly, so am I! One year on, we are now religiously going on our weekly inversion dose (amongst other classes) with greater passion each time. In this short one year, not only have I improved on my inversion asanas, my boyfriend and I have also witnessed how practicing inversions has changed me as a person off the mat in many positive ways!
Overcoming fear and building confidence
Achieving a pose I never thought was possible in this lifetime has helped me believe that I can accomplish things off the mat as well. I became more confident and less fearful.
I was able to quit my job without securing another job (as mentioned here) because I believed in my capabilities.
Letting go and having fun
I was a dull young girl, my previous job requires me to be professional all the time and I was taking everything too seriously. Inversion class eventually became my playground. After I overcame my fear of falling (by falling), I had so much fun flipping around! I was able to laugh at myself when I fall.
Interestingly I also let go of any expectations. Yes I do still long to successfully flip into Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Balance) and be able to balance. I don’t know when this will happen, hopefully sooner than later, but even if it doesn’t happen, I will just continue trying. It is not a do or die thing nor do I set any deadlines for myself. I am having fun in every inversion class now and it has nothing to do with the number of asanas I was able to hold or the period of time I was able to balance. I’m just thankful for being alive, being me, being healthy and being able to practice. I think I have experienced “living in the moment” through my inversion practice.
Being aware
Through inversions I learnt the importance of engagement more than in other asanas. I became aware to every cell of my body and to my senses – I was able to identify exactly how I feel within, I began to learn new things about myself like I never know before. With that, I became more positive, more open-minded and display more enthusiasm.
I took more than two years to hold a headstand, my boyfriend took a month. If you have been attempting to go into a headstand, I know exactly how you feel. My only advice is to learn the correct technique, learn how to fall and just keep practicing. Practice with no expectations and don’t take the fun out of it. There is no rush, you have a lifetime to achieve it.

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