How I started my yoga journey

In 2015, I attended my first yoga class to accompany a friend who wishes to improve her flexibility. Although I had no interest in finding out more about yoga, I enjoyed the body movement and the after-class feeling very much. So I kept doing it and believed that the endorphins created during yoga practice made me calm and helped me when I was lost. 

About one year after practising yoga, my life started moving towards the direction that I desired. I had a new job, moving into a new place, met my ex-boyfriend, and most importantly, I have a career goal to motivate myself. So I shifted all my focus in my career, worked 10 to 12 hours a day, and spent extra hours learning. And I stopped practising yoga. 

Three years passed by quickly; I finally get the role that I wanted and started meeting the financial goal I set. And I started feeling unhappy and unsatisfied. I knew that I am not in the right state, but I don’t know how to improve it. And I think of yoga. I decided to make yoga a part of my life even though my understanding of yoga is still limited to Asana, focusing on completing those instagramable postures. 

At the end of 2019, I had an opportunity to take some time off in between jobs. So I decided to book myself a yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia, because it was a trendy thing. (Yes, I was very superficial) The irony, this retreat turned out to be one of the life-changing moment in my life. I felt the energy during chanting and relaxation and the peacefulness and concertation that meditation could lead you. Heard other’s share their personal experience on how yoga changed their life. And experience a deep connection with my body I have never had before. I was overwhelmed and fulfilled. Halfway through the retreat, I was informed by the new company that I’ve been laid off. I did not take this news well but I’ve regained my positive thinking after hours of yoga and mediation practice on the same date. I hold on to that feeling and returned to Singapore. I believed an even better opportunity would come and I took my time to practice yoga while doing job interviews. Two months later, I received a great offer and finally had the courage to move on from the relationship that I was in. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, and yoga studios were forced to close in 2020. Unfortunately, I lost the habit of practising yoga over time.

Earlier this year, I suddenly have this random thought of doing a 200-hour yoga teacher training course. And decided to signed to sign up for the yoga teacher training course in just a few hours. I was not sure why I had this kind of eager but I still followed my instinct. 

Two weeks in the four weeks course, I cannot explain the process that I am going through – it is heart-warming, overwhelm and satisfied at the same time. My routines are changed, my ability to concentrate has been improved, and I enjoy study and learning very much.