How I came to Yoga

As years passed by, I see changes in my body and every month I am suffering badly from cramp and back aching usually lasted for a few days. I started to visit TCM and picked up some aerobics classes like high impact cardio exercise and also yoga classes. I feel energetic after every workout but my monthly condition did not really improve much and was getting worse. After some soul searching and facts finding, I decided to cut down on cold stuff and changed my routine to attend more yoga classes and I feel is working good on me. My pain is shorter now and my back-aching is improving.

I started to get curious and wanted to find out more about yoga and finally I took up the courage to enroll Yoga Teacher Training. After attended 6 lessons, I simply feel no regret to enroll this course as I always thought Yoga is only a form of exercise along with meditation. It is definitely more than that when one of the topics covered the eight limbs of Yoga. It inspired me to move through life with mindfulness for own self and others.

On the other hand, now I am paying much more attention to my breathing using proper technique of Pranayama. Breath is the bridge between the mind and body! After every Yoga lesson, I feel my mind is refresh though my body is worn-out. Although there are so many challenging poses that I could not really do it well yet, there are so many aliens words that I have to memorize etc. Really love the feeling to feel alive again!

My learning journey to Yoga begins. Namaste!