How did I end up in YTT? Part 2

Though my brain was acting weird by telling me not to do the YTT in the last few days leading to the first day of my course, I chose to ignore my thoughts and focus on what my heart wanted to do.

So here I am, 10 days into my course. How do I feel? I feel happy, yeah happy. So I guess my heart is right this time.

Besides getting to practise the yoga that I like to do, I get to know people from different walks of life which otherwise, in my clinical corporate world, I will never get to meet. I get to learn and hear different experiences that my teachers and classmates have. I am inspired by many of them, who have so much drive and persistence to follow their passion and earn their keep, regardless of how young they are. This is definitely something that I will share with and hopefully impart it to my children.

I always believe that in every environment, it is the people who makes the difference. In the training, we share stories, we laugh, we train, we work our bodies till our sweat drip like crazy. It is hard and it is fun. It is the people that we connect with, not the environment.

I am not one of those superstar yogis on Instagram who can do those impossibly amazing postures. There are many postures that I am good with and there are also that many postures that I struggle a lot with, for example, handstand! I still have many things to work on but I am positive, because I know that I am on the right track. The cup is half full, not half empty. Yoga humbles me because I can only do what my body and mind can do in unison. I cannot rush it, I cannot force it. I have to earn it. Yoga is a journey which doesn’t end.

If it is a journey that allows me to make my mind and body stronger and calmer, to make new friends, hear new stories, I guess it is worth it.

Cheers, JT