From Hot Yoga to Ashtanga and get hooked since then

Why Ashtanga ?   What get me into this?  I can say Hot classes like Hot yoga is a very popular class in commercial yoga studio and sometime it is quite difficult to get an Ashtanga class from them especially during the peak hour after work. I just tried a class of Ashtanga few months ago as I found the name of it interesting to me and just want to try it out. I have been having a year of hot hot hot hot classes in my yoga schedule which I started to feel bored.
I was first attracted by the beautiful sequence and dynamic flow of this yoga.I was absolutely attracted by the lightness of the movement that my teacher demonstrated in the class. Feel like flying in her transition of movement. Yoga suddenly turn into an art to me , it can be so elegant and pretty .I can make you sweat like you are in the hot classroom due to the dynamic flow but not due to the external heating panel. The vinyasa also like helping me mobilize the spine and get less stiff after the lesson. I feel like I get my flexible spine after the class.
After I knew there is an instructor class for Ashtanga in Singapore, I really want to try it out and learn more about this beautiful flow of asana. I was used to struggling in my dolphin pose while others are trying their headstand or more advanced pose in the class so I set my goal for myself to be able to headstand after the course .To my surprise, we need to try headstand and handstand in our first few days. I think it will not be started that early in the course. I was not able to manage it at the beginning ,I was so frustrated when I saw other classmates are flying inverted .Please get me inverted!!!I really want to do it …..
I reflex and remind myself it is why yoga attractive to me. Sometime what you need may be a little bit patience to yourself. You are not able to manage some poses in a short period of time but you need to know your problems and not giving up .One day you will be surprised by it again when you turn your impossible into possible. I can get myself inverted with the help of wall in the first week but I still not able to left my wall due to my wobbling body in the air .I will try my best to get my leg from the wall one day .
Learning your own problems and facing it may lead you to grow in a faster way than just do it blindly without someone can inspire you through. Thanks my teachers in the course open the impossible door into a possible one to me .Let’s turn more impossible into possible and progress in our life long practice in a playful way.
Mika Cheung YTTC200( weekday) march

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