Be honest with ourselves – Satya – Truthfulness

Satya or truthfulness is the second of the Yamas of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

The yamas and niyamas provide ways in which we should build a better relationship with ourselves too and not only with the world around us. If we are unable to be honest with ourselves first, we will not be able to really be honest in any part of life.

Usually when we react instantly to situations on a purely emotional level, we are often not seeing the truth and are acting from a place of fear and conditioning. Hence, to be completely honest with ourselves, we are requiring to create a little bit of space, stillness or at least to slow down our mind.

When it comes to satya on the yoga mat, we have to remember that our yoga practise is to service our bodies and minds, not harm our joints and ligaments. This make me realised that each time we get on the mat, it is important to have complete honesty with what we actually need in that very moment.

We may have changed all the time on a physical and emotional level, so fixating upon one way of practicing is not always going to work out. I have learnt one simple way of observing truth in our practise is by paying closer attention to the breath. The breath is an important factor in asana practice as one of the most important aspect from it tells us when to back off.

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