Am I honest to myself?

Ahiṁsā – translated as non-violence, non-harming or non-injurious. 

According to Yoga-sutra of Patanjali in Eight Limbs of Ashtanga,

2.35    ahiṁsā-pratiṣṭhāyaṁ tat-sannidhau vairatyāghaḥ

– ‘Once a condition of durable non-violence (ahimsa) has been established, all enmity will be abandoned in your environs.’ –

Through physical reactions, it can be easily notified from our speech and action. Most of us were conditioned in the way that we act according to our own emotion or feeling as we are just honest in expressing the inner-self. E.g when you feel angry -> tone will rise up or using harsh words -> as you wish the opposite side to understand you and experience what you have been experienced. However, some choose to suppress their emotions and without well managed, it mess everything up in the end and do something ‘funny’. We may have many different emotions arise in a day, even in an hour or within few minutes, like an emotional-pendulum swing, e.g i feel satisfied after heavy sweat but i don’t do well in the asana, i like to stick to the one who make me comfortable but i don’t like the one who always dumb me down. Hence, we should always reflex on our speech and actions by asking ourselves  ‘Is my word beneficial or harmful?’ or ‘Is my action in the right manner or wrong?’ All external reactions started from our thought, the inner-self that within us or the conditioned mind. So, ‘Am I honest to myself?’

One of the yogi mentioned that if ones who practice non-violence externally (outside situations) BUT inside of he/she is actually harming (self-beating) themselves. Some try to impress others or strong ego knocked by and said: i should be the good person or good repetition gained – the lacking of unity in oneself where lead to suffering. This is so called STREE when one is apart from our inner-self. In contrast, people who are motivated by good deeds or pure intention & without expectations will develop deep penetration of non-violence within one-self, it becomes part of the nature who united the soul, body and mind where violence disappears and LOVE arises. ‘Once a condition of durable non-violence (ahimsa) has been established, all enmity will be abandoned in your environs.’

Am I honest to myself ?


Namaste ~~~

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