Holistic Well-being (Activating Chakras and Stimulating Organs)

Yoga works in many wonderful ways.
Asanas (postures) help to build a better (i.e. strong and flexible) body, whilst meditation helps to quiet the mind, and pranayama (breathing techniques) help to expand life force.
Asanas also help to stimulate different organs and glands, bringing about a healthier body. Sometimes, as chakras(wheels of energy) are activated, we may even see a personality change for the better.
One such example is the shoulder stand (sarvangasana in Sanskrit). In the final position, the thyroid is being compressed, and hence, stimulated.
The thyroid regulates bodily functions such as heart and digestive function, and metabolic rate. Thyroid cells are also the only cells in the body that absorb iodine.
As the Vishuddha chakra is located in the throat region, it can also help to open up this chakra.
Another example is twist postures. One such posture, Vakrasana (Seated Twist Posture) helps to massage the abdominal muscles, regulates the secretion of digestive juices, and stimulates the pancreas. This is especially good for the prevention for diabetes, as well as helping diabetics control their blood sugar and lead an active lifestyle.
The Manipura chakra, located at the navel, will also be stimulated in the twist. This may help to increase energy and give a sense of empowerment, increasing self-esteem.
Every pose has an effect on, and benefits for the body. Continuous practice of yoga can bring about better health through a holistic approach.
Vanessa Kwa
YTT September 2017

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