Hold your breath

As a kid, I used to compete with my sister and friends to see who could hold our breath the longest. I used to think why we were so silly to torture ourselves with such a silly game. Today in yoga, I learnt that anything that requires retention of breath is a breathing technique also known as Pranayama.
Ever since I started my yoga TTC journey, attention on daily breathing has definitely changed. I’ve consciously and then sub-consciously deepened every breath I can. I feel calmer, my mind and body physically feels better with every breath I take (except during hazy days). There were days when I could have burst out in anger but I did not at all because of consciousness on breathing, something so subtle yet so powerful.
On a quest to “dig deeper” into my soul, I’d exhale and hold my breath for as long as I can. I did not discover anything soulful yet but I definitely slept like a baby after. It has become almost like a daily drug, with or without insomnia.
We’re dependent on breathing for a living so much so that we forgot about its existence until our existence is threatened. It only makes sense that we pay a little more attention to it, what it does can make or break our body and soul. I’m so glad and pleasantly surprised that what I took away from this course is more than just asanas. I’m thrilled to know that there is so much more “remix” you can do to your breathing to make positive changes to your life.
Every inhalation and exhalation from now on will only be more deliberate and conscious than ever. Breathe on.
200hr Vinyasa Sept 2015 (weekend)

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