Hip Hop

Closed hips, tight hips, stiff hips, broad hips, heavy hips……….I think I’ve had all the hips there were to have, at some point of my life. I still have some of them, but I’ve worked through a lot. So I’ve always been drawn to hip openers. Somewhere in my heart I feel like my greatest obstacle to overcome are my big hips. And in finding Yoga, began my search for my happiest hip sequence. On and off the mat. I don’t know if this would work for everyone, and the journey is slow, but the results are undeniable. Open hips can be a big contribution to lots of other poses including those that require balance and strength.
To begin with, you need patience. And the keenness to see that hip opening can be a part of entire day, not just your yoga routine.
Wash dishes in Vrikshasana (tree pose). Watch tv in Agnistambasana ( fire log pose ). Read a book in Bhekasana (frog pose). You may need to use a blanket or towel under your knees. Leave your tired day behind in Pigeon pose. If you work in an office, swap your office chair for an exercise ball and sit with one leg tucked to the side. This will strengthen your core as well. Sit on the floor when you have the opportunity, in a comfortable, yet stretched cross legged pose. Chat with your partner sitting in Badda Konasana. I treat this like my Yin time, so I don’t need a warm up. Anytime I feel uncomfortable, or have had enough, I just gently come out of it. I don’t count the minutes, just focus on the feeling. And still it doesn’t take away from other parts of my day. Just like meditation for your soul, this is hip hop for your hips.

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