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Welcome to the blog for Tirisula Yoga. This is a platform for our students and graduates of our 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course and 500 Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training to interact and ask questions regarding Yoga and any other holistic fields. Not limiting to students and graduates, friends and anyone who is enthusiastic about life is warmly welcomed too.
This is also for us to update everyone of our news, interesting things we want to share and we also welcome feedbacks, testimonials, articles and suggestions from you.
I just realised it is so easy to share multi media files too, watch out for more audio, video and photos to be shared.
Join us for a healthy lifestyle and positivity!

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  1. Patanjala Ashtanga Vinyasa
    According to ancient texts of Patanjala conducting yoga according to the instructions stated by the great sage, incarnation of Adishesha, we get God-realisation through the pathway of citrini witthin the Sushumana, the middle nadi in the spine, with a leap from Vishuddha to Sahasrara chakra.
    I am greatly indebted to Guruji, BNS Iyengar for imparting the knowledge of creation, life, sustenance and emancipation.
    Jai Guruji!!

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