Who said healthy food was YUCKY

Has someone ever said that what you’re eating looks gross? Or assuming that when Yogis have gatherings or parties they just drink water and go high on air? How about someone trying to force-feed you and tell you that you only live once so eat whatever you want now?
Well, thats because most of them don’t really know what real good food is. Its not the calorie dense meals you see at the hawker centers or macdonalds. Neither is it fatty lard or charcoal burnt BBQ meat slab that’s dripping with oil.
This post is about eating healthily, the yummy and nutritious way without harming the animals- aka a vegetarian pizza. Everyone loves pizza! Just what you put in your pizza decides whether you should stay away from them or have them everyday. Personally, pizza is one of my favourite food- the creamy oily “cheese”, crunchy and juicy “meat” and that little bit of sourness from the pre-made tomato sauce. But now you won’t have to stay away from that delicious pizza! You can have it as often as you want, just what you put in your pizza 🙂 So where do you start?
Step 1: Replace your shopping list:
Thick starch filled base –> Wholemeal wrap base
Pre-made tomato base –> Fresh rosemary herb tomato puree or blend then strain
Oily and creamy cheese –> Mashed avocado or purple sweet potato with a tinge of lemon and salt
Crunchy and juicy meat –> Freshly cut red onions (baby ones) and chopped nuts (almonds or walnuts)
Spicy chilli flakes –> Ground black pepper or jalepenos
Canned pineapples –> Lemon or lime zest with sliced capsicums in all colors red, yellow and green!
All other ingredients –> Portobello or button mushrooms, fresh washed basil leaves
Step 2: Putting them altogether:
Ever heard that if fruits and vegetables go under heat the nutrients die? Yet a cold soggy pizza is disgusting too!
Preheat oven to 180 deg –> top your wholemeal wrap with the tomato base, your mushrooms, and onions (if you don’t like them raw) –> Leave it in the oven until the wrap turns slightly brown and crispy (rough ard the edges) –> Meanwhile (10mins): Mash your avocado, add a little sea salt and lemon or lime zest –> Take it out of the oven and top the pizza with your capsicums, jalepenos, basil leaves, nuts, and avocado or sweet purple potato mash–> YAY MAKAN TIME~
Step 3: EAT
This recipe can be used for a normal lunch, dinner or even breakfast if time permits. We try to keep all the ingredients freshly chopped and served rather than canned so that the nutrients wouldn’t oxidise and lose their nutritional benefits (eating empty calories). Of course, if you intend it for dinner, try to keep those spices (onions, pepper, jalepenos, capsicum) down as they are rajastic foods and that may cause insomnia (energy activating foods). Though of course those are good for lunch time when there is still a long day ahead of you.
This is not only nutritious since you get most of your vitamins and good fats from the avocado and vegetables, it is easy to make and more economical than a pizza hut delivery. Of course, if you know there are certain ingredients you’re allergic to, replace them with similar health beneficial foods. Just remember, eat clean and your body will thank you for it later! 🙂
Some people may argue and say I’ve totally lost the essence of a pizza since there isn’t any cheese or meat (oh no!) but notice how they are still going to taste just as good or even better with the crunch and cream and juiciness! And also the after-effects of having this pizza is not going to put you to your snores or have you see those weighing scales exploding with numbers!
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