Healthy Eating for Beginner

“You are what you eat”
I heard many people mentioning this quote but I have never pay attention to it until I started my workout life. Previously I ate everything that tastes good in my tongue without feeling guilty at all. I even ate a lot of oily food and junk food. I started to change my lifestyle when I heard one quote “Abs is made in the kitchen”. No matter how hard you work out, if you never eat clean, you won’t get that six-pack abs.
I saw a lot of people suggesting eating clean by having lots of vegetables, fruits and water. It is quite hard for me since I am not vegetables and fruit lover. I love to eat chicken, fried food and something sweet and I am sure it will be very tough for me to be a vegan.
I can’t resist eating them, what should I do? – Be picky
As you know oily-cooked or fried food is not good for our health, so I start to be picky with oily food. I avoid oily food and still remain eating chicken though. However, I will separate the skin and fat and only eat the meat. I also try to avoid drinking soda and packed-juices which you can find the sugar content is usually quite high. You can check the nutrition facts behind the pack if you plan to buy any drinks in the supermarket or the best if you can just have plain water. I have never paid attention to the list as I always want to drink everything that tastes sweet but now, I need to. I want to take care of my body and do not want to feed myself with unhealthy food.
There will be one day I will crave for eating them, what should I do? – Eat little, not all or once in a period of time
As human being, it is quite common that we will crave for something. I love to eat fried chicken and my hometown local food “Sate padang”. I can find fried chicken in Singapore but not Sate Padang. So, I will only eat fried chicken when I have somebody to share which means I can satisfy my craving without feeling guilty as I eat less. Meanwhile for Sate Padang which is very oily, I can only get it when I am returning to home which happens twice in a year. Thus the rest of the day, I will eat normally and still avoid the oily food.
I am still struggling to eat more healthy food but I am excited as I have made progress. Yay!
Jessica Novia (200 hr YTT Weekend Class Aug ‘15)

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