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Blockages are dangerous…..Wherever they are, they are an obstruction. The less severe one, namely the Nasal Congestion often hits my family. With the young children the most common problem is ‘Cough n Cold’. This nasal blockage surrounds us most of the time as I and my husband are also very prone to this. Natural home remedies/medicines becomes my preference over the doctor prescribed ones. Sometimes it works out but then too more often i have to make visits to doctor. The situation becomes worse when i fall ill, and it is all related to nose and throat. I always feel heaviness in my head due to blocked nose. I tried taking steam with lots of oils. They made me feel good but only for the time being. 

During the course, when I was introduced about the ‘Jala Neti’ and ‘Neti Sutra’….. I was so amazed to learn it. Along with the dirt, it also removes bacteria trapped in mucus in the nostrils.  When I actually practiced it for the first time, I felt very light in my head. I always used to have Headaches almost every morning due to blocked nose. The nose blockage used to happen with air-corn/Fan at night. Practicing the Neti every morning now and the headaches have already flown away. Whole day I feel so open from mind, which has improved my thinking as well. 

Been raised in a joint family living together with my parents and Grandparents, I have seen how lovingly and passionately my mother n grandma used to take care of each and every requirement of us all. As we had our own farm, we used to eat the fresh vegetables and food grains daily from the farm.  Now after marriage and kids, it was my role to plan n give my family the meal. The most crucial part in planning the meal is selection of the ingredients. ‘Fresh is the best’, this is what I understood from my experience of taste difference between back home and here in Singapore. As here it was not possible for me to buy the fresh vegetables daily so I bought in bulk and tried to add flavors to make it tasty.

Introduction of Prana made me understand things from root. Usually we try to get the pranas from the food we eat but it can also be taken through different sources such as the ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Flowing water’ etc. We often relate hunger to loss of energy obtained from food but actually Prana is that energy which is needed by our body. When we take that energy we feel good. In terms of food, Prana is something that is fresh and organic. The moment food is picked from the tree, it starts loosing prana. Although the food is preserved through various ways but the prana kept on loosing and eventually lost completely. Thankfully I know this concept and now I can wisely take steps.



Surbhi Mathur (200hr, Weekend April-June 2017)                                                                                                                                                                

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