Headstrong to perform Headstand!

Over the last 10 years, my on-the-mat experience has been on and off. There were years that I was not practicing at all and years that I frequently visited Yoga studios & practiced on my own. Headstand or Sirsasana is Asana that I always want to be able to do, but somehow it hasn’t happened.

When I signed up for this TTC, my goal was to gain greater knowledge and understanding in Yoga. Also, push myself further, physically and mentally. I didn’t have specific goal about headstand. On the first day of the class itself, we had to perform the pose with the wall support. I struggled to push my legs up as before, however, finally I were able to get my legs up against the wall for the first time in my life! Yes, I had a big smile on my face that day 🙂

Physical strength and preparation played important factor in this possible attempt. Several rounds of Ashtanga Surya Namaskara A, B and poses from Ashtanga series were included to prepare our body for Inversions. My body was exhausted, but turned out it was the greatest preparation. It helped built up a lot of my arms strength, without realizing the positive change.

However, what was more important than physical capability, it was my mentality or what I‘ve mentioned in my title, headstrong (not literally)! Without realizing, I probably came close to experiencing the true meaning of Yoga, which is not only physical exercise, but it is the union of Body, Mind and Soul.

Instead of avoiding this Asana further, I felt this was the right time and opportunity to practice and truly feel I could go a little bit further. (Tapas – Awaken our internal strengths and courage)

My ears were only focusing on the message from Yoga master. Followed his step-by-step instructions & technique, without worrying about my physical strength or entertaining my mind of how tough the pose is. I moved out of the body and out of the mind, then I understood the body and the mind (Nirodha – Disappearance of the mind on its own spontaneously)

I was totally focused and immersed in “how” to do the pose. It then excluded all other discouraging thoughts that I used to think before. (Dharana – Concentration of Mind)

My headstand journey is still going on. While trying to work on my arms and core strength to be able to perform Asana without wall support one day, I am still knowing my body and not pushing myself over the edge. (Ahimsa – Non violence, not physically harming others, ourselves or nature)

At least, I’m grateful to experience these steps & realization and positively able to adapt the essence of Yoga in my life, on & off the mat!