Headstand that life balance point

I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 4 years. Physically, I think I am quite fit as I am used to pain and discipline from training for triathlon. So at least I meet the minimal requirement for strengths to do a headstand as it engages the obliques, the rectus abdominus and the transverse abdominus. Yet, I am still unable to hold a straight headstand for an extended period of time. Prior to joining teacher course, I have always refused to practice headstand despite knowing that it is the king of all asanas and that it has superior benefits to health. The pose itself is within my physical abilities but the challenge is to convince my mind to relax, to overcome the fear of falling/injuring my neck, and to find the crucial balance. As I relax my mind more through meditation and reflection, I feel more at ease holding up my legs. When my mind is clear, I can feel the balance (light point) easily. When my mind is full of thoughts, it is quite a struggle to hold as I have to use strengths to fight against gravity. I am generally a very tense person. As I gradually learn to relax, I see the improvement in not only my headstand but also my approach to life. For me, headstand is not simply the king of asanas; it is the striking point of finding my balance in life.

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