Haze in Singapore, to exercise or not?

I’m glad I avoided the worse days of the haze in Singapore (touchwood, keeping my fingers crossed). I saw people jogging on the streets when the PSI is about 80, I can still smell the burning smell and see the dust particles in the air. Even if the muscles and heart is strengthened, what about the lungs??
My take is that during hazy times, we should exercise indoors, no wonder I am seeing quite a lot of people in gyms at off peak hours. It can be quite boring though (for me).
Or, practice Yoga asanas! It’s fun and can get sweaty as well as burn off fats. Especially Ashtanga yoga. This style is the best for self practice as the pace keeps you going and motivated.
So, be it hazy or not, let’s continue to exercise. (Swimming I will have to wait till haze is cleared, unless I swim with scuba gear… ) On your mats now!
Satya Chong Wei Ling

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