To Be Happy

The main purpose of practicing yoga  for me is to become happy, because I found I was often not happy.
People say that life is meant to be tough and  there are so many reasons to make us unhappy. For example,  we have to do things we do not like at all.  we cannot stop worrying about things in future and regret things happened before. we feel too stressful,  etc.
Therefore I was unhappy and felt uneasy frequently. And I thought it was normal and meant to be like this. However, sometimes I just felt not good simply because I did not sleep well last night. And I felt very happy just because I had a good rest  and body refreshed. So I thought that maybe the precondition of happiness is to be physically healthy.  When people are not physically sound, they normally feel down and have difficulties to cheer up.
Then, I came to know Yoga. The first impression of Yoga is about posture.  In Sanskrit name, it is called Asana.  I know that Asana is meant to bring people’s body to be physically healthy.  This is what I really want  because I want to become happy.
Therefore I started to practice Asana almost every day  for one hour. At the same time, I monitor my mood, I found that practicing Asana really helps. During the time I practice Asana, my mood would become more stable and contented.
All these experiences prove to me that most people who feel unhappy would believe that things need to be changed in order to make themselves happy.  But in fact,  if the physical body is not healthy enough, no matter how things could change according to their will, they would still feel down since there are so many reasons to be unhappy.  The physical health is highly relevant to mental situation.  It  is almost the precondition to the happiness, although it is not the only condition.  The Asana is a good way  to gradually  improve our physical health and it is so important in the whole process of the Yoga practice.
Best Regards
Xie Na (Weekday Hatha/Ashtanga 200hr YTT/6th July intake)

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