Hands-On Assists to Enhance Shavasana

Many people are not aware of how much emotional and physical tension they hold in their head, neck, and forehead. Releasing this tension through physical touch can open the door to deeper relaxation in Shavasana and life. The following adjustments to this sensitive area are incredibly subtle, so be sure to share them only with students who know you, trust you, and have invited your assistance.

1. Feet

According to healing traditions, many of the body’s energy lines begin in the feet, so that’s where we start to invite initial relaxation. The feet can also be a less intimate body part, so beginning here may allow your student to become more comfortable with your touch.

Rub your palms together as you approach your student to gently alert them that you are near, while also making sure your hands are warm. Let your hands fall softly onto your student’s feet. Take a breath here, simply making contact. Place your Hands on Top of Feet to facilitate the symmetrical relaxation of the tops of the feet and arches, sitting below a student’s feet, lay your palms across the tops of her feet, fingers softly resting on the outsides of her feet, thumbs touching the inner arches.

Option: To press the ankles downwards and also bringing your palms beneath the toes to push it upwards as a counter.


2. Shoulders

Rub your palms together to warm your hands. Let your palms fall gently to the juncture between the deltoid (muscle covering the shoulder joint), collarbone, and pectoralis minor muscle (upper chest). As your student inhales, breathe in with them. As they exhale, apply a gentle pressure down.  The intention here is to encourage your students to get heavy and grounded in shavasana. Stand above their head, squat down, and put gentle pressure on the top of their shoulders to encourage their shoulders to roll back and down. Then pat down their upper arms and lower arms- slow, gentle pressure.

Option: You can also apply pressure to the middle of their palms to help them ground into relaxation.


3. Third Eye/Temple

Put some skin safe essential oils on your hands, making sure they aren’t too intense. In the first few minutes of shavasana, rub the oils into their third eye with your thumbs. Then, place your thumbs at the top of the forehead and your fingertips above the hairline; take a deep breath here. Draw your fingers away from each other along the forehead, then make circular motion at their temples with your thumbs. Finish by giving three mild tugs at the earlobe.


There are more areas that you can assist on, check them out in the references below!

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