Halasana (Plow pose)
Halasana is a great introduction to yoga inversions. It increases the spine flexibility, circulation, vitality, strengthens the abdomen and prepares you for relaxation and meditation.
The benefits are the stress relief, the backache and headache relief, and digestion stimulation.

  Skeletal joint actions Muscular joint actions
Spine Flexion Eccentric contraction
To resist flexion from weight of body: Spinal extensors
Upper limbs – Scapular adduction, downward rotation and elevation,
– Shoulder extension and adduction,
– Elbow extension,
– Forearm pronation,
– Wrist extension,
– Hand and finger flexion
Concentric contraction
– To adduct, elevate and downwardly rotate scapulae: Rhomboids, levator scapulae
– To stabilize shoulder joint and prevent protraction of head of humerus: Rotator cuff
– To extend and adduct shoulder joint: Triceps brachii (long head), terres major, posterior deltoid
– To extend elbow: Triceps brachii
– To clasp hands: Flexors of hand and fingers
Lower limbs – SI joint nutation
– Hip flexion and adduction
– Knee extension,
– Ankle dorsiflexion,
– Toe extension
Concentric contraction
– To extend knee: Vastii
– To dorsiflex ankle and tuck toes under: Tibialis anterior, toe extensors
Eccentric contraction
To maintain alignment of legs: Hamstrings, adductor magnus, gracilis
Passively lengthening
Gastrocnemius, soleus

200Hr YTT – Vinyasa Flow (Weekend)

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