Isn’t it interesting when yoga teachers, students, food and  many other things are classified by 3 gunas: Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.  Each category has its own nature, characteristics regardless it’s a human being or an object.
Suddently for a second, i think that this universe comprises only human being, objects and  energy. Dont ask me why though :). And also I dont think energy is of such classification of gunas. Energy is purely energy. Whether people can conspire the energy, or what the energy is like, it much depends on the people gunas or people “capability to get enlightened” to be specific.
Anyway, I dont have any judgement if any guna is good or bad.  Obviously, in yoga, yogis always aim for Sattvic.  Yogis should go for sattvic food which is nourishing and easy to digest.  Yogis should be sattvic students with good spirit and enery and follow sattvic teachers who are the highest state.  However, I think should this world have been this developed when it comprises a mixed of people and objects of these 3 gunas. We learn from good people and yet bad people. Even in within ourselves, we are also made up of different combinations of the 3 gunas. One guna may be dominant at times. People will pass all the ups and downs in life, that’s when both sattvic, tamasic, even rajasic period comes. We could be dragged to all the hell of sufferings, but once we overcome, we appreciate for we survive and learn. Without sadness, people may not fuly appreciate their happiness.
Likewise for food, if our digestive system has never swallowed and absorbed tamasic or rajasic food before, it is never able to adjust its digestion mechanism to work with strange bacteria inside the body. It might work better to be prepared for any unexpected food taken with undesired guna.
Thus, take them all as they are then we deal with them.

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