Growing in yoga (Part I)

I started practicising yoga regularly in late 2016 and this continued for another 1.5 year till I picked up high-intensity interval training at F45. I committed to training almost every day at F45 – five to six times week is a given, any less and I’d feel tremendously guilty for missing a work out. To ensure that I get to work out every day, the only way I could build it into my work-life schedule would be to get my work out done before work every morning. I would wake up at unearthly hours at 5.45am, leave my house at 6am, and start training before 7am. For someone who’s not naturally a morning person (a night owl, in fact), it remains a struggle waking up in the morning to date but I rationalised it as instilling discipline in myself.

F45, as a regimen and as the name of the work out suggests, is extremely intense in nature and physically demanding given that it works our heart at close to 80% of our maximum heart rate throughout the entire work out, for a good 35 to 40 minutes. Trainers often encourage and push us to challenge ourselves further, to jump faster, lift heavier, do more repetitions within the time limit given. In addition, given the community factor, one tends to push oneself harder when working out alongside other people. All the factors have pushed me, both physically and mentally.

Practicing yoga regularly again has been refreshing, to say the least. It brings back fond memories I have of where I first picked up yoga in Shanghai, practicing postures and inversions (yet still struggle with inversions years on).

Over the past year, I found myself going to yoga whenever I experienced higher-than-usual levels of stress or muscular tension. It is my go-to to take my mind off and to mindfully reconnect with my body. It is almost the opposite of F45 in its pace and forces me to take a step back to slow.

Yet coming back to practicing and delving much further into the spiritual and philosophy of yoga have led me to reconsider my current lifestyle…(to be continued)