Group Sounds Healing Sessions

Group Sounds – Sound Healing Sessions


Feel the benefits of group meditations grow exponentially with sound healing. Gather your workmates, friends or family for an hour of relaxing sound healing with a mix of crystal and metal singing bowls. Singing bowls promote a deeper connection to the self and aid in both physical and mental healing. This meditation session will give you a full range of sounds and vibrations to help balance your energy centers and of those around you. Bring your energy to add to the group dynamics and experience a profound shift in consciousness with the energies of sound.



  • $40 for 1 class
  • $100 for 3 classes
  • Refer to our terms and conditions for postponement and cancellation policy.

 Payment mode:

  • Paypal (Online Registration – Visa, Mastercard, Amex accepted)
  • Walk-in:
    • Nets
    • For walk-in payment, please make an appointment with us beforehand.


Please leave us a message for more details.




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