BEGINNERS CLASS (The very first time)-
INTRODUCTION (10 mins)- firstly about myself (as Teacher), then followed by each student introducing themselves and telling why they have come for this class and what health problems do they have that they want to improve
Let’s start the class. Close your eyes. We will now all chant the 3 AUMs. The AUM is spelt “A U M”. When we chant, feel the Aum vibrations as the “A” vibrates from the root chakra to the shoulder, the “U” vibrates from the neck to the throat, and the “M”  vibrates from the face to the head. By chanting the AUM we are relaxing the body totally and centering ourselves.
(10 mins) Pranayama (Breathing)- Will ask them to Inhale and Exhale, lenghtening with counts of 5 inhales and 10 exhales. this will carry on till one could feel the smoothness and rythmic movement of the breaths, focusing just on the beauty of the inhalation and exhalation.
(30 mins) – ASANAS:- Warming up of all the joints for five mins.
Standing Asana – Standing with legs 1 feet apart, rotate the hip joints. 5 rotations to the right and 5 rotations to the left. At the same time watch the breath, smooth and gentle breathing, keep doing the circulation, enjoying the hula hoop and smile.
Next- rotate your shoulder along with the neck stretch. 5 rounds. Please watch your breath and relax.
Next- bring the two feet together and be in the TADASANA (mountain pose). Feel the stability (balance). Feel the feet muscle. And now raise your feet and be on the toes with palm in the namaste position. Now stretch the arms up to the ceiling. Breathe for 2 rounds and bring the feet and the arms down.
Next- UTTANASANA (Standing forward bend)- easy standing pose with forward bend. Try to bring both the legs straight. If not possible then bend slightly on the knees so that you can relax the whole body. Try to bring the arms to touch your feet. By bending the knees you help to open up and  release the spine.
(10 mins) SAVASANA- Lay on your back, close your eyes and relax the whole body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Total relax and watch the breath (5 mins). Now with eyes still closed, very slowly turn to the right side and bring yourself up into the sitting position. Slowly open your eyes and smile.
CLASS PLAN FOR YOGA – 2nd Class of Beginners
(10 mins) – Good morning everyone! Welcome back for class “2”. Let’s sit down and chant the “AUM” 3 times along with a mantra.
(10 mins) PRANAYAM (breathing) – today let’s do ANULOMA VILOMA (alternate nostril breathing). You will feel the hot  and the cold air coming out from your nostril. Hot breath from right and cool breath from left. Let’s experience it. Its an amazing feeling. Hot breath is the “sun breath”. Cool breath is the “moon breath”.
Single Nostril- Sit in the most comfortable pose. We shall practice this pranayam for 10 mins. Close the right nostril with your right thumb. Now inhale slowly thru the left nostril, counting mentally to 3. Exhale thru the same nostril while counting mentally to  6. Repeat this exercise for 10 rounds. When its done, this pranayam is known as “Suryanu loma”.
Now close the left nostril with the right ring finger and the little finger. Inhale thru the right nostril, at the same time counting mentally to 3. Now exhale and mentally count to 6. Now repeat this for 10 rounds. This exercise is called “chandranuloma”.
Practice this single nostril exercise till i see you again in the next class. Just be aware that when you exhale, try to expel as much foul air as possible from the lungs.
(30 mins) ASANAS- Today we will do the sitting Asanas – The Butterfly Pose (basic seated hip/groin stretch) deeper into the Baddha Konasana
Butterfly Pose- Sit on the floor and touch your toes and heels of both legs together and press your knees down as much as you can closer to the floor. Be gentle as we are opening deep into the hip joints and groin area. Do the breathing in and out, feel the movements, then slowly take your time to be in the Baddha Konasana pose by spreading the feet open like a “book”. Read the lines if you want. Hidden stories lie there (ha ha ha ). Once they’re spread, bring the upper bodyforward by stretching, strengthening the spine. Tuck the abs in. To get the navel to touch the feet is the focus point, not the head to the feet ok. Keep on with the practice as the feet move closer to the floor the knees will extend more. Watch the breath. Do not hold the breath.
ARDHA MATSYENDRASANAS (Basic seated twisting pose)- Bend the left leg and put the right leg on top pass thru the bended knee. Now twist the spine with the help of the left hand, elbow pressing to the knee, to rotate the upper body. Neck and face facing the wall. Remember the breath.Good for the digestive system. Heals the stomach and helps release all the acid and wind trapped inside. Now change and do the other side as well. Do your best. All the time relax and smile.
One more Asana before we do the Savasana, ok. ANANTASANA (Easy side-lying pose). Lay down on the right side of your body sideways. Now lift the left leg up and try to hold the ankle or the toe. Keep pulling inwards and feel the deep stretch on the inner side of the thigh. Feel the hamstrings being stretched. Now be on your elbow, head resting on your palm. Feel the lift from the side obliques as well.  Good! Now let’s do the other side. Remember to breath and relax. Enjoy it. Its very healing to the internal world of your body.
SAVASANA- Lay on your back, close your eyes and relax the whole body by spreading the legs. Relax hips. palms and arms spread and relax. Head neck and face totally relax. Watch the breath. Calm down the body and feel the quiet and the silence. Calmness penetrating into every cell. Now slowly bring legs back together and hands back to body and stretch them. Now turn to the right side, eyes still closed and slowly bring body back to the sitting position. Very slowly open the eyes. Namaste. Thank you.
Good morning everyone! We are going to do Surya Namaskar ‘A’ today and some deep forward bend along with some twisting.
Welcome to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series.
We’ll begin the class today by focusing on the alignments of the ‘Asanas’ and ‘Ujjai” breathing. Just for today I want you to feel the body movement along with the breath.
Let’s do the 3 AUMs followed by a mantra (Gayatri mantra). Breathing for the next 5 mins will be like this- inhale belly rise, exhale belly falls. Then inhale, hold for 3 counts and exhale hold for 6 counts…. continue.. Relax the face muscle, drop the shoulders focus on the breath.
Surya Namaskar ‘A’ we’ll do 10 rounds.
Warm ups – Stretch all the joints. Ready for Surya Namaskar ‘A’.
1. Samasthiti – Gazing point, tip of nose. Prayer pose.
2. Uttanasana – Bend forward by using the Muladhara and Udiyana bandhas. Relax the face, gazing point navel.
3. Halfway up – lengthening the spine, straight legs, engage knees, tuck the stomach in, gazing point nose.
4. Jump back (Chaturanga) – Roll the shoulders back. Shift the weight on the arms, lengthening the spine. Tuck the buttocks and stomach. Elbow close to the body. Gazing point, nose.
5. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – Straightening arms, lift the upper body off the floor, with tip of toes touching the floor. Feel the stretch on the neck, especially the throat. Gazing point, eyebrow.
6. Adho Mukha Svanasana – Tuck the toes by pushing the body up. Push the shoulder, tailbone pointing to the ceiling, palms spread, arms out stretched. hold here for 5 breaths. Gazing point navel.
7.Jump Forward – Soft jump forward in between the hands, straighten the arms, the spine, legs and knees, stomach tucked in. Gazing point nose.
8. Uttanasana – Bend forward. Bend the head, neck to chin. Tuck the stomach, using the bandhas. Gazing point navel.
9. Samasthiti – Hand on the heart centre.
Savasana – Lie on your back, be totally relaxed and watch the breath. Meditate on the breath. Relax yourself from toe to head. Feel every part of the body sinking deeper and deeper into the mat. Visualise the breath going into every cell, every joint, every muscle, every nerve, including every bone and skin. Feel the whole being revitalised rejuvenated. Turn the body slowly to the right side and bring yourself up to a sitting position with eyes still closed. We will now close the class with 3 Aums. Namaste.

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